Our Planet.

Here at XRYO we are trying our best to do our part to keep our planet amazing and full of life for future generations. 

Our current projects involve restoring our beautiful forest across North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa. 

We have decided to link our checkout to donating to an amazing non-profit ONE TREE PLANTED.

So every time you checkout. We Plant A Tree!


One Tree Planted team up with XRYO

Our Future.

At the moment we are not where we want to be. We want to do more.

In the future we are hoping to reduce our overall impact on the environment even more!

We will achieve this by manufacturing more of our products from recycled fabrics or from a sustainable source and donating to other charities and non-profit orginastions.

How can you help?

Despite the rumours, size doesn't matter. Well at least in this sense of the words.

Small things can make a BIG difference.

Here are a 5 simple things you can do at home:

1. Walk More.

Simple! We understand that you will need to drive sometimes if not most of the time. But if you can walk, Walk! :) Not only will it benefit your health, it will also help reduce the emission of harmful and poisonous gasses.

Public Transport is another alternative. 

2. Use a reusable water bottle or refill the same bottle.

This helps reduce the amount of plastic that is thrown into landfill. Though most plastic bottles are recyclable these days, some aren't. They are bought out and about then thrown straight in the bin. This is not the same as recycling at home.

3. Go paperless.

Do you know that about 40% of the world’s commercially cut timber is used for paper?

Most forms can be filed or emailed to you electronically in this modern era. This will reduce demand for paper and as a result the amount of deforestation.

Please go paperless!

5. Educate. Educate. Educate.

We are not telling you to ram it down peoples throats but if you can get one person to do one of these things.

You have helped and we thank you!

Small things can make a BIG difference.

Other Charities and Non-Profits we hope to work with in the future.

Big Blue Ocean Clean team up with XRYO
The Josh Carrick Foundation team up with XRYO
Together We Rise team up with XRYO


Big Blue Ocean Cleanup

The Josh Carrick Foundation

Together We Rise

One Tree Planted

Please check them out and donate to a great cause!

Please see our Terms and Conditions for more details on Our Planet Project.