XRYO is a group of seasonaires who absolutely love shredding together but hate poorly designed snow wear.

Buying any of our products and repping the XRYO name makes you a welcomed member of the XRYO Squad!

Whether your a skier or boarder don't worry! We have both who are constantly trying to convince the other group that their sport is better and harder to master.

Our Story

The idea of XRYO all started one day sat at the bar (how all good storys start). With a beer in hand and wearing all our favourite gear. Naturally we started comparing our gear realising that all our jackets, goggles or salopettes had some awesome useful features, but no one piece had all of them!

Baffled as to why, we quickly started to discuss ideas which rapidly turned into drawing our ideas on beer mats.

Dreading going back to our 9-5's our goal became clear!

We wanted to create products that could seamlessly go from snow wear to causal wear, from the mountain to the bar. 

...For the Peaks and the Streets...

With all the features you need.

What We Stand For

As a group we all agreed that XRYO should be as ethical as it can. It was clear to us that the sport we love depends on people who make us and the mountains we shred.

People before profit. We believe everyone deserves honest and respectable goods and service.

Leave it how we found it: We want to reduce our overall impact on our environment.

We want to run the company in a way that means we keep the awesome friends we make along the way.

Check out our latest project OUR PLANET.

We are always keen to hear new ideas about how we can make a difference. Email your ideas to: or via our Contact Page and we will talk it through with you.

Why are we called XRYO?

XRYO is pronounced the same as the prefix 'cryo' its meaning: cold or extreme cold. We thought it would be fitting as its our number one tester in the field.